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EEIVO: Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in Ordinary Life


"There are very few people who realize what God would do to them if they totally abandoned themselves in his hands, and allowed themselves to be formed by his Grace" (Saint Ignatius).

The Spiritual Exercises are the methodology created by Ignatius of Loyola in the light of his personal experience and at the same time inspired by God, to accompany us on our way to discover the very personal reason, the principle and the foundation of our existence, why and for what God created me/us and since the foundation of the world in his omniscience I imagine me/us, he/she wished me/us and gave me/us existence.

The Exercises in their full modality are carried out according to various times and different and specific modalities.

The version par excellence is the month in complete silence, divided into 4 stages (called 'weeks').

Another important version is the exercises performed in a week, repeated every year if possible, in complete seclusion and silence.

The EEVO or EEIVO modality is a face-to-face version that is at the same time a way of persevering in Ignatian prayer for a year or two, with weekly meetings.

In these times of pandemic, the situation is allowing us to even delve into this experience online, why? because the important thing is that God crosses all limits or frontiers. 

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