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About us?

sapanoleando is a private Mexican agency, which together with other agencies in the Holy Land has more than 12 years of experience. It specializes in offering personalized accompaniment to groups of pilgrims and tourists, so that they can discover and live the mystery of the Holy Land without ever getting tired of visiting it.

Listening to you is our priority, not only because we want to respond to your expectations and interests, but also because we want to offer you the best by proposing complete itineraries that always adapt to your interests and budget.

Living, working and studying for years in the Holy Land allows us today to offer you with great interest itineraries with professional guides according to the spiritual needs and particular interests of your group.

What can we offer you?

  • Expert guides: spiritual and tourist

  • Extensions in Europe

  • Comfortable tourist buses.

  • Pilgrim houses and hotels.

  • Flights, airport service,

  • VTP (all trip paid) etc.

A team at your service

I am passionate about traveling, reading; I work to be good at listening.

I put my humanist training and my passion for learning and teaching at the service of those I assist.

My passion is to help awaken awareness of possession of the treasure of life and to help exercise the muscle of thinking for themselves to believe in God in a reasoned way or to reconcile faith and reason.  

Rigoberto Proa L.

Representative for North America (Mexico)

I have a great spirit of service that has accompanied me throughout my life. I have discovered, through my volunteer service, that love fills people's hearts. That is why from my essence as an engineer, mother, wife, currently as a future magister, an expert in marriage and family, and a passionate catechist, I continue to accompany faith processes through trips that allow us to strengthen ourselves to improve our person and family.. 

Maria Julia Santillana

Representative South America  (Peru)

Traveling has been one of the many dreams that I have been able to fulfill since I was a child. My first dream was to travel to the pyramids and I became an archaeologist... I love Holy Scripture and I became a Biblical Exegete living in Jerusalem. 

I believe in justice and I became a canonical jurist in the city that gave birth to Law, Rome. 

Traveling, teaching, discovering new worlds and people, having fun, being surprised and learning from you and the world around me is my greatest bet.

Goretti Margarita Flores M.
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